Savagery in the Congo with the Heart of Darkness Audiobook

Heart of Darkness Audio BookThe Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad, is a novel about a voyage headed into the Congro Free State from the Congo River. The narrator, Marlow, narrates the story to his compatriots while on a boat. The theme of Conrad’s work lies on the concept that the civilized and savaged people have no much difference. The novel also raises critical questions regarding racism and imperialism. The novel was originally published as a series and later translated into various languages. The novel is now available in audiobook format that comes with loads of benefits. The Heart of Darkness Audiobook remains popular among readers because of its ease of access and readability. All the chapters are well explained and it takes a short time to go over the entire audiobook.

Heart of Darkness Plot Summary

While aboard the Nellie boat anchored in River Thames, Marlow talks to his friends and narrates of the circumstances that led to him being a captain of steamboat owed by an ivory trading company. The story begins with Marlow in a ship travelling along the African coast. The boat, as well as, the interior of the company’s station is totally disorganized. He meets the chief accountant who notifies him of Mr. Kurtz, a first-class agent. He travels on foot to where the boat he is to oversee is stationed. The boat is a sorry state while the workers there are lazy.

Upon repair, Marlow and others take the journey up-river and spend two months before arriving. About eight miles before reaching the Inner Station, they pause for a night but get a surprise in the morning. They get surrounded by a very thick white fog. They are later attacked using arrows from a nearby forest. They survive the attack and the station comes into view after a few hours. Marlow gets to know of Kurtz’s cruelty and illness. The manager informs him of how Kurtz has deteriorated the company’s reputation in the region. The company was also in plans to remove him from the station.

Kurtz’s worsens while on the return trip and the illness also affects Marlow. The steamboat breaks down for a while and Kurtz gets an opportunity to give Marlow important documents. He warns him not to give them to manager. A while later, one of the manager’s boys announces that Kurtz is dead. When he finally reaches Europe, he gets delighted by the civilized world. He gives out some of the documents and is left out with a photograph and few personal letters of Kurtz’s fiancée. The story ends with him visiting the fiancée. Ensure that you get a copy of the Heart of Darkness Audiobook where the whole story is well narrated.